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Sparks 01:49
Listen to preaches of those prophets Prophets of weakness and fear "He that believeth on me hath everlasting life." But I hear the roar of burning stoves, I see black smoke arising from the chimneys I smell the scent of scorched flesh And witness ashes carried away to eternity Each of them, self-proclaimed judges Convicting someone by silence of the faceless crowd Bring them salvation through fire And watch as sparks cuts through the blackened sky Pay with blood for the love of god So flames of altars will last evermore Behold great fires of sacrifice As their tongues pierces eternity
Fallen Seraphs Lurking in the darkest pieces of mind Dwelling unto the pitch-black abyss Shattered Spheres teeming with snakes Legion of Daemons, impending doom Desires, hidden flames of lust Raging and tearing from deep inside O Phosphorus Eternal morning star The blade that dissecting the darkness of night Strength that could extinguish the stars Now I buried my soul until Father awake me Immersed in the waters of Eternal sea Into the womb of the Dark Goddess O Serpent of the Blackend Flame Dragon of Chaos I summon thee Blot out my name from the book of life And set my spirit free The Word of Lies created the Cosmos Enclosing shard of Chaos in time and space Awake the eleventh sphere Release the Beast and break the cage Enter the sea where time is no more May the spirit merge with the Eternal Forever... Forever and ever...
Holy Plague 05:42
Bloodshed eyes in fading rotten orbits Like piercing rusty nails of faces disfigured, Hymns of breaking bones sounds of humankind drowning in agony Mortification of the flesh Rough severity of chains Faith without heavy burden Like beggar without lice As Holy Plague became their blessing Under dark face of Christ Insinuating priests voice, so humble and faithful Equaling pain from rotting flesh with grace Animal fear growing dim before their screams But the Red Death reign and no one could be saved Inshell blood Piss in holy water Hair torn shred Sip of Vomit Common grave In the fiery pit of hell, Writhed pile of contorted human flesh. Pillar of unholy fire Searing heaven dry Like a giant torch Leaving only fire to remain
Life Eternal 07:12
A string of men covered in mud Is marching past gallows and shrines The path is yet slick with their blood Their dead eyes can’t see any signs Lies form the rotting mouths Curses from good people Forgiveness’ sharp axe Compassion’s thawed snow At the dump of rotting carcasses They have found the eternal rest The pit became their common home In dead womb of the earth Sop for those who are maddened with grief Glowing ember for frost-bitten hands Rusty nails for those men who believe Break some bread with one who starved to death Ask the ones rotting in the ground, what is life eternal… Ask the grave worms, what is life eternal…
There are three silhouettes in the dark They are hunchback, rotten and cruel Broken fingers are crooked as an arc Crones are stretching them up to the moon Empty eye holes are filthy and blind Toothless mouths are tight-lipped and shut They are pulling a black wooden coat Through the narrow and lightless gut Feel the pestilence’s sound Grab a hook, sift the grain Spill their blood on the ground Take their life, leave them pain In the recess of ravines Which are cloaked in the stench Dead are carried by ravens To live out in the trench Mispersuated and decrepit ship With some ignorant spadones aboard Burning down under sound of a whip Kissing cross in the name of their Lord They’ll be dead without leaving a mark Singing masses and slitting their throats There are three silhouettes in the dark They are pulling a black wooden coat
Soot 06:18
Filled with fear, broken by life Their lord bequeathed them to suffer Like red dew, like black ash To give their lives for him Antichrist’s host in fight against christ Ruins the people of god Flames of bonfire – the shelter divine Last days are about to come Get locked in your hut Hide in your den Let it become common grave Sainthood of fire Will purify you When all burns down, your lord will forgive everything And what is sainthood? Stink of burnt meat, ash of black cabin? Pit full of bones and soot? Or maybe Heart of the living, dull and naive Which has burned down in flames of love divine? Moans of the dying, spitting on icons Life has no price Mindless rabble waits for the end So die for the glory of maker
I'm the one who descended from heaven Reborned and passed through Light of Blackened Flame I know both light and darkness Black Plague, destructive principle of Сhaos I'm the one who brings the light that sharper than a sword Turning wine into sour, blessing bread with mold Son of the Whore, Sheep herder torned by Wolves Corpus Christi Rotting flesh Path to the void Oblivion in obscurity He himself has not yet come; nothing has either been seen or heard of him. He will have many precursors; there have been, are, and will be many. They are smoothing his way, and when they have prepared all things and removed all obstacles then he himself will appear. He will be born of an unchaste woman, and Satan will enter into him; and the Deceiver will in all things be like unto the Son of God: he will be chaste, meek, gentle, and kind, he will heal the sick, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and comfort the mourners. There will come to him those who were bidden and those who were unbidden, and they will make him ruler over all nations.
Laceration, helplessness of herd Fetters and wolfish fangs With sharp blade rip the belly open Suffer the sainthood’s stench Mother who loathes her sons Throws them scraps as if they are paupers Slaves’ paradise, imbeciles’ world Fool will not learn from the whip Extirpate what should not grow Humility’s weakness, inferiority’s sainthood Burn them down with fire of black Bury them in salt, sew them up in womb Sprout deep with seed of blood To chasm where there’s no light The spark has gone out, now comes the fire That will give warm in deadly ground
Young boy dying of thirst Silently wept upon dead mother’s body Now the kitchen is flooded In cold water are tablecloth ends Dirty streams of lies flow from TV screen I brought thee new testament – nobody needs you Ancient book’s stench and barefaced lie Wolves in sheep’s closing and butcher’s sharp knife Stupid herd fondly nods And believes swollen speeches Meanwhile kind-hearted pastors Raise monuments to hangmen Mercy and compassion Slice of bread for the beggar The hand once fed is empty now The searcher has not found a thing Degenerates in uniforms and cassocks Crazed with impunity and greatness To survive I give new commandments In world of misery, despair and apathy


released July 9, 2021


all rights reserved



ELDERBLOOD Kharkiv, Ukraine

In autumn 2011 Astargh left the Nokturnal Mortum band for establish his own,
having invited Odalv (Twilightfall, Ulvegr, ex-Nokturnal Mortum) as drummer.
The band was named ELDERBLOOD.
In Febrary 2012 Hagalth was invited to the band as
The recording of debut album started in the end of march 2012
at "Dark Essence Studio".
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